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The desire for beautiful teeth is a natural one—a good reason for paying close attention to the selection and quality of the restoration. Ceramics meet the highest aesthetic expectations and are bio-compatible. Full-ceramic restorations do not have a metal core; therefore, light can shine through the restorations as it does in natural teeth. In addition, the adjoining gum will show no dark metal edges. Ceramic material is color-fast and wear-resistant. This material also has low heat conduction, protecting the sensitive dental nerves from temperature changes.
There is nothing we cannot do in the area of fixed restoration.

Our regular service:
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal (Precious, Semi-precious or Non-precious)
  • Pressable Porcelain
  • IPS e.max Ceram
The fluorapatite glass-ceramic IPS e.max Ceram is suitable for veneering substructures made from lithium disilicate (LS2) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2) such as IPS e.max ZirCAD or Zenostar by Wieland Dental. IPS e.max Ceram has been clinically proven for more than ten years - whether a simple standard layering technique or a demanding high-end layering design with lively dynamic light effects is required. It has a wide range of additional ceramic powders such as Margin, Deep Dentin, Impulse or Opal materials.
  • Full Zirconia Crown or Porcelain Fused to Zirconia.
  • Implants for Single or Full mouth Restoration
  • Titanium Custom Milled Implants
  • Hybrid Custom Milled Implants
  • Zirconia Custom Milled Implants​
Regardless of restoration, you want the absolute best when it comes to quality. Whether your patient needs a single posterior crown, or a four unit anterior bridge. Trust that the professionals at Hi-Tech Dental Labs will deliver. Top rated dental lab in Columbus, Ohio and still growing.

Dedicated to excellence. Dedicated to your Smile.


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